Monday, 7 May 2018

Jib Hoist Lifting Devices - China manufacturer of motor lifting electric hoist

Jib Hoist Lifting Devices Details:
Feature: Gantry Crane, Fixed Type Pillar Jibs
Hoisting Mechanism: Electric Hoist
Color: Optional
Application: Workshops, Warehouses and so on

The Features of Jib Hoist Lifting Devices:
1. Jib Hoist Lifting Devices can be mounted on wall, no special floor space required.  Jib Cranes are widely used in the warehouse, dock, workshop and other fixed working area.
2. In order to improve work efficiency, workers can work with a Jib Crane to lift, quickly transport and precisely deposit all kinds of work pieces at any time.
3. This type Jib Hoist Lifting Machine can work within the 360 degrees to lift, move and materials handling.
4. Jib Hoist Lifting Devices with advantages of the turning agile, operate convenience, simple structure, wide working conditions.
5. Jib Hoist Lifting Devices with Safety feature of crane traveling limit switch and lifting limit switch, weight overload protective device, low voltage protection function, top quality polyurethane buffer, emergency stop system, current overload protection function and other functions.

Jib Hoist Lifting Devices

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

kinds of Chain Lifting Hoist - China manufacturer of lifting device

Lifting Hoist, a powered or manual device used to raise and lower a load. A hoist may be fixed or an integral part of a crane mechanism. Any operation using powered or mechanical lifting devices such as chain falls, tuggers, shop cranes, mobile cranes, forklifts, wheel or track loaders, or hoists to raise or lower personnel, equipment, or materials.

Below-hook lifting device,This type of device includes lifting bars, spreader bars, swivels, and other such equipment. A device used in lifting/lowering operations that, used singularly or in combination, alters or transfers the direction or sequence of loading from the lifting device to the load.

Mobile crane, a machine with a mechanism for travel that allows loads to be lifted and swung at various radii. Mobile cranes include crawler cranes, wheel-mounted truck or self-propelled cranes, and other cranes with similar characteristics.

Overhead crane, a machine that uses a hoist and rigging to lift, lower, or horizontally move a load. Overhead cranes include overhead bridge, monorail, and jib cranes.
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this article is published by China manufacturer and supplier of kinds of Chain Lifting Hoist - Jiali Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.