Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Jib Hoist Lifting Devices - China manufacturer of motor lifting electric hoist

Jib Hoist Lifting Devices Details:
Feature: Gantry Crane, Fixed Type Pillar Jibs
Hoisting Mechanism: Electric Hoist
Color: Optional
Application: Workshops, Warehouses and so on

The Features of Jib Hoist Lifting Devices

1. Jib Hoist Lifting Devices can be mounted on wall, no special floor space required.  Jib Cranes are widely used in the warehouse, dock, workshop and other fixed working area.
2. In order to improve work efficiency, workers can work with a Jib Crane to lift, quickly transport and precisely deposit all kinds of work pieces at any time.
3. This type Jib Hoist Lifting Machine can work within the 360 degrees to lift, move and materials handling.
4. Jib Hoist Lifting Devices with advantages of the turning agile, operate convenience, simple structure, wide working conditions.
5. Jib Hoist Lifting Devices with Safety feature of crane traveling limit switch and lifting limit switch, weight overload protective device, low voltage protection function, top quality polyurethane buffer, emergency stop system, current overload protection function and other functions.

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Electric Monorail Chain Hoist - China manufacturer of chain block hoist

Electric Monorail Chain Hoist Details:

Place of Origin: USA
Power Source: Electric
Colour: as Customers' Request
Sling Type: Chain
Usage: Construction Hoist, Materials Handling
OEM: Accept

Electric Monorail Chain Hoist Description:

1. Electric Monorail Chain Hoist is one of kind lifting equipment, and the Monorail Hoist is widely used in loading and unloading cargos.
2. The features of Monorail Chain Hoist, such as: compact structure, beautiful appearance, the body of electric hoist is lightweight, high efficiency, etc.
3. safety features of Electric Monorail Chain Hoist include overloading protection system, emergency stop system, buffer system, load limit protection device, current over-load protection system, and other protect system.

Our Company:
Our Company offer high quality and factory price lifting equipment and solutions including electric chain hoist, electric wire rope hoist, cranes, trolleys, chain block, lever block, lifting clamps, winches, jacks, slings, load chain and project solutions.
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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Comparison hand chain hoist and lever hoist - China manufacturer of Hoisting Machinery

 hand chain hoist and lever hoist

Manual hoist can be divided into lever hoist, chain hoists.
Lever hoist is to get a line to match the load traction by means of leverage through human lever handle, a clamp body rotation movement of the load acting on the inside, driving load operation.
Lever hoist with a compact, light weight, small size, portable, safe, reliable, long life, small lever force, reducing wear and tear on the rope, and other advantages.
Hand chain hoists work by drag chains, bracelets wheel rotation, the ratchet friction plate, brake pressure into one common rotating seat, 5-toothed wheel to rotate the major axis, 4-toothed minor axis and gear spline hole.
Hand chain hoist with safe, reliable, easy maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, small bracelets tension, light weight and portability, small size and beautiful appearance, durability, and other characteristics.

1, hand chain hoist and lever hoists which more effort?
A: Hand hoist is designed primarily to deal with the use of small space or not good posture rally, hand hoists are generally used as transverse tensile and transverse use effort, hand chain hoists are used vertically, perpendicular to the use of labor-saving. Lever hoist is driven not by pulling the chain, but with a joystick.

2, hand chain hoist and lever hoists which application is more widely?
A: The free gear lever hoist, lever hoist brake pull you into neutral when you like a hand to pull the heavy chain will be very easy to pull down, or pull back for easy adjustment lever hoist and towed distance for quick traction or lifting. Also compared with the same lever hoist, hand chain hoist lifting specifications volume, lever hoist to be much smaller than the Hand chain hoist, lever hoist with its wider range of applications from more efficient functional sense.

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

learn about Electric Hoist Equipment

You can use these electric chain hoists on an overhead crane, a workstation crane, or with a jib crane. Their versatility makes TXK electric chain hoists an ideal solution for many lifting applications.

Big shop luxury at small shop prices! This electric hoist is great for lifting engines, tables, shop equipment and a whole range of other products.

Easy to use, the latest Electric Hoist Equipment from Jiangsu Jiali hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd can speed up work cycles, enhance safety and extend service life. Adaptable and long-lasting, it is ideal for any busy workstation.

TXK main products: Electric Chain Hoist range from 300kg to 50ton. Compact headroom, hook suspension and a range of other features make the hoist easily adjustable for your specific workstation needs.

details of Electric Hoist Equipment
1. Electric motor partial outer cover is made of high strength aluminum system through compression casting formation.
2. the gear is made of alloy steel and through the heat treatment.
3. Hooks are made by hot forging and heat treatment.
4. the chain is made of FEC80 ultra strong heat treatment alloy steel.

Electric Hoist Equipment
to know more about our Electric Hoist Equipment products, welcome to visit our company website.

Company website:

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Monday, 21 September 2015

bridge crane single girder crane from professinal manufacturer

Single Girder Bridge Crane

Single Girder Bridge Crane Details:

Certification: CE.ISO9001
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Lifting Unit: Wire Rope Electric Hoist
OEM Service: Available
Feature: Bridge Crane
Type: Single Girder

Electric Single-beam Overhead Crane

Single Girder Bridge Crane Description:

Single Girder Bridge Crane is a low cost Bridge Crane, easy operation, smaller structure,  higher precision. So Single Girder Bridge Cranes have been widely used in  factory store house, workshops, freight yards and warehouses in stations, ports, mining, hoisting, transporting and loading various type of materials in the fixed spans. But the Single Girder Bridge Crane can't be used in corrosive and explosive places.
The light weight Single Girder Bridge Crane can reduce the height of the crane. Due to this kind Bridge Crane's limit is little, and it can increase cranes operation space.

Our Company:

Jiali Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Hoisting equipment. Our company professional manufacture various types of electric chain hoist, manual chain hoist and related assembly products.
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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

China Standard Industrial Chain Hoists with factory price

Standard Industrial Chain Hoists Details:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Usage: Construction Hoist
Power Source: Electric/Manual
Sling Type: Chain
Length of Chain: as requested
Certification: CE, ISO, SGS
Standard Industrial Chain Hoists has smooth start, braking safety characteristics, it complete with reducer for driving lifting machinery and other applications requiring high efficiency mechanical and mechanical drive brake smoothly. With large starting torque, reliable braking, compact structure, small size, light weight; Standard Chain Hoists widely used in hoisting and conveying machinery industries.

Industrial Chain Hoists
Industrial Chain Hoists

Features of Standard Industrial Chain Hoists:

1. Easy operation, with efficient high lifting speed, smooth low lifting speed, accurate lifting steady operation;  it can be used in factories, mines, wharf, warehouse, freight yards, and shops and so on.
2. Novel design, compact structure. Components and parts apply used universally,strong compatibility.
3. Low voltage contactor ensures the safe and reliable operation. Humanization design of control pendant, high tensile seamless twisting sheath of control cable, optimize the operation to the utmost.

We are the professional manufacturer of electric lifting series, manual lifting series, lifting accessories, crane series, and other products. We have professional production lines which can meet our customers requests and can delivery in time. We will provide our best quality product and our best service to our customers. Welcome to do with us.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

Quick Details
Condition: New
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: TXK
Application: Construction Hoist
Power Source: Electric
Type: Wire Rope
Certification: ISO9001
Color: Yellow, red or up to customer’s requirement

In today's worldwide market, the more commonly used hoist is an electrically powered hoist. And the wire rope pulling hoist is one kind of widely used electrically powered hoist. Wire rope pulling hoist is an extremely versatile and portable unit for pulling, lifting, lowering and securing loads, which can be applied in many industrial fields, such as the warehouse, construction fields, etc.

TXK Wire Rope Pulling Hoist is designed with the advantages of compact, light, small-sized shape and smooth operation, which ensures the excellent and easy use, saves labor, and raises work efficiency. Our hoist can be used both on the overhead rails, and in construction with many types of electric or manual cranes such as double-girder crane, single-girder crane, cantilever crane or gantry crane etc. With good quality and outstanding performance, our products has received good fame and satisfaction of our customers.

Besides, our company is specialized in manufacturing various types of electric chain hoist, manual chain hoist and related assembly products. If you have interest in our products, please email us to .