Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Installation Method Of Electric Chain Hoist

With the wide use of the electric chain hoist, it plays an important role in many places. And now this article will introduce how to install the electric chain hoist.

First you should install the chain box. Secondly, connect the power line. When connecting the power line, you must cut off the power in advance. At the same time, the ground wire should be well grounded, or when you touch any part of the operator or hoist chain, you are likely to feel the feeling of a shock. And then, lubricate the load chain of electric chain hoist. Lubrication of chain is one of the important factors affecting the service life of the load chain. Timely and effective lubrication of the load chain will ensure the effectively service life of the chain. Next, you should check the chain arrangement. For the electric chain with hoist multi row chain, you should ensure that the lower hook rack is not overturned. If there is turnover, you should restore the chain to the normal state, and ensure that welding mouth of the chain is arranged in rows. Do not hang load in the electric chain hoist whose chain is twisted. Finally, check the working voltage. Because the electric chain hoist leave factory with specified voltage the buyer requires or the higher voltage (only for dual voltage) like 230/460V, you need to check the wiring and confirm whether it meets the requirements of power supply voltage. If not, please refer to the manual corrections and ensure that it meets the working voltage.

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