Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Professional Technology Of Chinese Crane

As a kind of commonly used machinery, crane plays an important role in industrial production. And nowadays the application of professional technology can greatly promote the development of crane.

Along with China's economic development, constantly updated modern science and technology, the expansion of industrial production scale and the raise of industry automaticity level, cranes are used in modern production process more and more widely, playing more and more important role and also facing increasingly high requirements. In the recent years, the extensive application of computer technology prompted many advanced design and interdisciplinary methods, and also prompted the modern manufacturing technology and testing technology to improve. The fierce international market competition is more and more dependent on technology competition, too. And all of these urge the technical performance of the crane to enter a brand-new development phase, and the crane is experiencing a great change. Chinese crane is entering the international market with an unprecedented speed and Chinese manufacturing industry faces opportunities and challenges of the new situation where the continuous development and innovation is very important.

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