Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Three Things To Protect The Engine Of Crane

After long-time use, each part of the crane will appear aging and wear conditions in different degree, including the crane engine. So, how to protect the engine of crane?

First, for the new crane or the crane after an overhaul, it is required to have a relatively long time as "running-in period", which is appropriate to be one to two months. During this critical period, the standard and suitable running in can make the various parts of the engine have a process of full contact, friction, accommodation and final finalization, so as to improve the ability of engine to adapt to the working conditions.

Second, pay much attention to the engine oil and cooling water. Not only ensure the supply, but also ensure the quality and performance of the engine oil and cooling water is in line with the requirements of the engine use. You should know that unqualified oil and cooling water will be easy to damage to various parts inside the engine. 

Third, for each engine components, you should grasp each link of inspection, cleaning, and maintenance, so as to ensure that each part reaches clean, no loose, no defect, no dirt, and no shift phenomenon. If it is found that there are some faults of engine, you should excludes them at once, which is also one of the prerequisite of ensuring the safe operation of cranes.

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