Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Know Something About The Motor

The motor is equipment exchanging electrical energy into mechanical energy. It uses the coil to produce a rotating magnetic field, and then function in the formation of magneto electric dynamic rotary torque. According to the using power the motor can be divided into DC motor and AC motor. And the direction of the force movement of the electrical wire in the magnetic field is relating to the direction of the current and the magnetic induction wire.

The use and control of the motor is very convenient, so it can meet various operation requirements. It can work with high work efficiency with no smoke, smell, pollution to the environment, and the noise is small. Generally, the output power of the motor can change with the speed, and there are many speed control methods, which also makes it possible for the motor to meet the different speed requirements of the different production machinery. From the point of energy consumption, there are two ways to control the speed. The first is to keep the constant input power and adjust the speed by changing energy consumption of the speed regulating device. The second is to adjust the speed by controlling the input power of the motor.