Saturday, 9 January 2016

learn about Electric Hoist Equipment

You can use these electric chain hoists on an overhead crane, a workstation crane, or with a jib crane. Their versatility makes TXK electric chain hoists an ideal solution for many lifting applications.

Big shop luxury at small shop prices! This electric hoist is great for lifting engines, tables, shop equipment and a whole range of other products.

Easy to use, the latest Electric Hoist Equipment from Jiangsu Jiali hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd can speed up work cycles, enhance safety and extend service life. Adaptable and long-lasting, it is ideal for any busy workstation.

TXK main products: Electric Chain Hoist range from 300kg to 50ton. Compact headroom, hook suspension and a range of other features make the hoist easily adjustable for your specific workstation needs.

details of Electric Hoist Equipment
1. Electric motor partial outer cover is made of high strength aluminum system through compression casting formation.
2. the gear is made of alloy steel and through the heat treatment.
3. Hooks are made by hot forging and heat treatment.
4. the chain is made of FEC80 ultra strong heat treatment alloy steel.

Electric Hoist Equipment
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