Thursday, 9 March 2017

Comparison hand chain hoist and lever hoist - China manufacturer of Hoisting Machinery

 hand chain hoist and lever hoist

Manual hoist can be divided into lever hoist, chain hoists.
Lever hoist is to get a line to match the load traction by means of leverage through human lever handle, a clamp body rotation movement of the load acting on the inside, driving load operation.
Lever hoist with a compact, light weight, small size, portable, safe, reliable, long life, small lever force, reducing wear and tear on the rope, and other advantages.
Hand chain hoists work by drag chains, bracelets wheel rotation, the ratchet friction plate, brake pressure into one common rotating seat, 5-toothed wheel to rotate the major axis, 4-toothed minor axis and gear spline hole.
Hand chain hoist with safe, reliable, easy maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, small bracelets tension, light weight and portability, small size and beautiful appearance, durability, and other characteristics.

1, hand chain hoist and lever hoists which more effort?
A: Hand hoist is designed primarily to deal with the use of small space or not good posture rally, hand hoists are generally used as transverse tensile and transverse use effort, hand chain hoists are used vertically, perpendicular to the use of labor-saving. Lever hoist is driven not by pulling the chain, but with a joystick.

2, hand chain hoist and lever hoists which application is more widely?
A: The free gear lever hoist, lever hoist brake pull you into neutral when you like a hand to pull the heavy chain will be very easy to pull down, or pull back for easy adjustment lever hoist and towed distance for quick traction or lifting. Also compared with the same lever hoist, hand chain hoist lifting specifications volume, lever hoist to be much smaller than the Hand chain hoist, lever hoist with its wider range of applications from more efficient functional sense.

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